4 Holiday Gift Ideas to Support Small Businesses

Price inflation and supply chain bottlenecks aren’t just hurting our wallets this year, they’re also hurting small businesses. That’s why I shared 4 gift ideas that will support small businesses and indie creators this holiday season.

1. Gift Cards

Search websites like Square’s Give & Get Local directory or local businesses directories like Yelp to find a business’s website and see if they offer gift cards. I also shared a running list of indie creators, products, and services with an indicator for whether or not they offer a product or service that you can purchase as a gift (filter to Indie Creators by clicking on the “List view” button).

Alternatively, you purchase a gift card for a platform that sells apps and games made by indie creators like Apple, Google Play, and Steam.

2. Indie Creator Markets

Purchase a product made by indie creators on sites like:

3. Subscription

Purchase a subscription to a platform or service that pays indie creators like Medium or YouTube Premium (purchase with a Google Play gift card). If you’re interested in gifting yourself a Medium membership, consider using my referral link.

4. Donation

Gift a donation in the recipient’s name to an organization that provides resources and advocates for small businesses and indie creators like:

You can find and research organizations on sites like Charity Navigator. Note that any contributions made to a 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible.

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